Acoustic Rhinometry:

Over the past decade, acoustic rhinometry has become a well-established method in rhinological practice. The technique is based on the analysis of sound waves reflected from the nasal cavities. It measures cross-sectional areas and nasal volume. It is an effective supplement, adding important information to a diagnosis of nasal problems. In addition to providing a means of establishing nasal obstruction that may adversely influence smell testing, this device has multiple applications. These include surgical pre/post comparisons, nasal symmetry assessment, allergen challenge recording, quantification of the nasal effects of decongestants, hay fever and viral infections. Its rapidity, digital precision, simplicity and non-invasive nature are its prime assets. The optimized acoustic rhinometry equipment also represents a reliable diagnostic and investigative tool in smell disorders. It opens new perspectives and possibilities in the assessment of the nasal airway and its relationship to olfactory related pathological conditions