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First Visit

Preparing Yourself for the First Visit

The specialists at the Smell and Taste Clinic are nationally-renowned, and are committed to finding the right balance of treatments for your specific Smell and Taste condition.

There will be a great deal to accomplish in our first visit. Our doctors may prescribe a series of outpatient treatments, or they may recommend an intense and immediate treatment necessary to stabilize your Smell and Taste condition and create an effective, long-term outpatient plan.

We felt it was important to emphasize the following points and recommendations before your first visit:

• This will be a diagnostic and treatment experience unlike any you’ve had before. The questions will be more specific about your smell and taste condition and the initial examination will take longer. The first visit takes four to six hours, and it may require more than one visit to gather all the necessary information to create a full medical profile.

• Our care begins with the collection of a thorough medical history. We provide our forms online to give patients plenty of time to prepare. Involve your family in this process, if needed. Ask them questions about their observations of your smell and taste condition. This conversation may help you identify some additional smell and taste condition triggers.

• An assessment of the quality of your life will be conducted to help determine if and at what level these disorders contribute of changes in your normal life activities. Observe and document any changes in your own normal daily activities.

• Some tests already performed by other referring physicians may need to be repeated. Please be patient through the testing process. It takes time; but it’s worth it!

• You will be asked to keep a daily smell and taste calendar, recording the severity of your smell and taste condition; the amount of and types of medications used; the degree of relief obtained by your medications; and provocative factors, such as home or work environment, life style component, psychological factors, the time of day, and diet.

Based on the total evaluation, the clinic physician will recommend an individualized treatment regimen that includes:

• The medication component: your clinic physician will suggest a program of specific therapeutic agents. Patient response is closely monitored to evaluate efficacy and minimize side effects;

• Different medical procedures like the peripheral nerve blocks as part of an active component of a comprehensive medical management program.

• A lifestyle-modification component: the patient is instructed in the areas of home and work environment, safety, diet, recreation, sleep patterns and other habits linked to their smell and taste condition.

Preparing Your Loved Ones for Your First Visit

• You are getting help from the country’s best Smell and Taste Clinic. We will leave no stone unturned in our evaluation or treatment of your condition.

• The initial examination process is lengthy. Be ready to spend at least four to six hours at the clinic on the first visit. Only the patient will participate in the examination process, unless otherwise specifically requested. Loved ones and caregivers must wait in reception area.

• Assure your family that they will play an active role in your long-term wellness and treatment. You will receive a specific plan once the initial diagnostic session is complete.

Forms and Materials

Here you will find access to the documents you need to prepare for a first visit, answer common questions as well as surveys that give us feedback on your satisfaction with the Smell and Taste Clinic. Please complete any necessary forms and email as pdf files at, fax to 866-336-5949, or mail at the Smell and Taste Clinic, AllergyCorp Group, 5409 W Friendly Ave., Greensboro, NC 27410.