Specialists for Smell and Taste Disorders Who Lead the Field

With Dr. Dimitri Z Pitovski setting the foundation upon which more than two decades of Smell and Taste Disorders treatment has been built, we have assembled a Smell and Taste Clinic unlike any other in the U.S. Dr. Pitovski believes in the same guiding principles that has set the Smell and Taste Clinic apart from all other clinics in the country. These principles focus on listening and remaining open-minded – to patients and to treatment opportunities. Perhaps one of the most-important elements of the Smell and Taste Clinic approach comes in our emphasis on an accurate diagnosis.

Many clinics across the U.S. turn to the Smell and Taste Clinic for professional insight and education. It draws numerous of medical professionals eager to learn how to stay on the cutting edge, and incorporate those successes at their own clinics.

A Clinic With a Heart

We want each patient, regardless of age or medical history, to leave our Smell and Taste Clinic feeling that they have been heard and informed about their condition and treatment options. Equally important is for each patient to regain a sense of confidence about their ability to effectively manage their Smell and Taste dysfunction without compromising a true “quality of life”.

Many of our patients reach us in severe distress, having seen multiple specialists and tried numerous unsuccessful treatments and often suffering out-of-control symptoms. Every aspect of the Smell and Taste Clinic experience says we understand exactly what that means. From connecting every patient with a clinical staff that actually wants to hear the details right down to the caring ambiance we’ve created in our state-of-the-art Smell and Taste Clinic.